Frequently Asked Questions

A: Register here for the 63-Hour Pre-License classroom or online Sales Associate course here: Indian River School of Real Estate (IRSRE) Make an appointment at your local electronic fingerprint testing center here at: Schedule Fingerprints under the agency heading of  “DBPR-Real Estate Sales and Brokers.” Submit the DBPR initial application for “Sales Associate Initial Application Form RE 1” by visiting MyFloridaLicenseApplication or call (850) 487-1395 to speak to the customer care center. Please note: Steps 1-3 can be completed in any order although the DBPR recommends that you submit your fingerprints at least 5 days prior to submitting your RE 1 application for licensure.  Once your application has been approved and you have successfully completed the Sales Associate’s course, you then schedule your state exam here: Schedule State Exam .  Once you pass the state exam, you are a licensed real estate Sales Associate and can begin working for any Broker or Developer in the state of Florida.

  • Go to
  • Click “Real Estate”
  • Click “Sales Associates/Broker-Sales Associates”
  • Click “Initial Application-Sales Associate License (Form RE 1)”
  • Click “Apply Using Online Services”
  • Click “Create My Account” or log in to an existing DBPR Profile.
  • Follow all instructions. A temporary password will be emailed to you. Then you will set a password you will choose.
  • Pay the $83.75 application fee.
  • The DBPR’s telephone number is 850-487-1395 for Customer Service if needed.

A: You should bring a notepad, pen, 2 different color highlighters and a simple non programmable calculator. The math generally consists of addition, subtraction, division and multiplication, financial calculators are not required. Certain programmable calculators and all cell phone calculators will not be permitted during classroom or state exams.

A: You must be 18 years of age or older, have a social security number, have a high school diploma or equivalent.  If you have had any criminal or licensing issues these must be disclosed on your application and any such disclosures are subject to state approval.

A: There are two exams: the end-of-course exam and the state exam.  Both consist of 100 multiple-choice questions.  Both exams are broken down into 45 questions on real estate law, 45 questions on real estate principles and practices and 10 questions on real estate math.  A 70% is required to pass the end-of-course exam.  A 75% is required to pass the state exam.

A: You pay $83.75 along with your application to the Department of Business and Professional Regulation.  You pay approximately $50.00 for electronic fingerprinting.  After you complete the sales associate’s course, you pay the $36.75 testing fee when you schedule the state exam. Note that these fees may change.

A: Pearson VUE is the DBPR approved testing center and has many locations locally and in other states where you will you may take your state exam. Visit their website for additional information and exam scheduling:

A: Yes, a partial list is shown below. Many others courses, study guides, practice tests and books are also available online. Please visit our Online Courses link for more detail.
 Online Real Estate Sales Associate Course-Your 1st Step
 Online Sales Associate Post-Licensing
 Online Real Estate Broker Course
 Online Broker Post Courses
 Online 14 Hour Continuing Education
 Online Mutual Recognition Exam
 Online 28 Hour Reactivation Course
You can take the above online courses from anywhere in the world. You will have 24/7 access to these courses and will be able to take your end of class test at home on your computer.

A: Florida has mutual recognition with several states. For more information, go to and search for mutual recognition.

A: Our mission is to provide our students an educational foundation that will help them reach their real estate licensing and continuing educational goals. With a proud tradition of being supportive and caring, we place a strong emphasis on the importance on academic excellence, kindness, courtesy and patience.

To become a real estate broker you must:
  • have been registered as an active Sales Associate for a total of at least 24 months of real estate experience within the preceding 5 years under one or more Brokers.
  • successfully complete a 72-Hour Pre-Licensing course for Brokers.
  • submit completed application, fingerprint card and appropriate fee (you may submit this package prior to completing the Pre-Licensing course).
  • pass the Florida Real Estate Broker Examination with a score of at least 75.
  • activate the license, if you plan to work immediately as a real estate Broker.
  • complete the 45-Hour Post-Licensing course for Sales Associates before the expiration date on the initial Sales Associate license.

A: The end-of-course examination cannot be given to any student who has absences of more than 8 classroom hours from either the Sales Associate or Broker course.